Home services:  Tailored to you

Are you a first time buyer that that would prefer a shepherd? 

Are you a veteran of real estate transactions and simply want an agent to fill in some gaps? 

Please allow me to deliver the service you need!

I come from a rural upbringing, here in central New York, where a hand shake used to be good enough.  It feels like more and more these days that we have to be our own advocate when it comes to making quality financial decisions.  Don’t you want a person to represent you in your real estate transactions who is an extension of you?!  I’ve founded my life on being empathetic to the needs of the people I care about.  I will spend the necessary time to understand your key motivations so I can put your plan into action.

Adam is very likeable and easy to get along with.  He is an intelligent, reliable, honest, and tenacious advocate for people he works with.  He was genuine, while keeping my best-interests in mind."

Frank B.